Revised editions of  “Catholics Awake” and “From Darkness into the Light”

Catholics Awake – Buy on Amazon 
In this book, Marino Restrepo travels as deeply as he can into the heart of today’s real Catholic Church. He explores the spiritual state of the Church in her relationship with God and with her God-given responsibilities.

The picture Marino paints is not necessarily a pretty one, but is rather a stark portrayal of the difficult times through which the universal Church is journeying.

The challenges to be faced are not simple and cannot just be left to resolve themselves over time. On the contrary, every single Catholic needs to become actively involved in healing the many wounds inflicted by serious sins in the Church that have hurt millions of the faithful around the world.

Times are difficult and the very heart of the Catholic Church has been contaminated at many levels since the great cultural and sociological shift of the 60’s.

The author invites you to accompany him along his missionary path and to discover the true state of the spiritual warfare confronting all Christians today.

From Darkness into the Light – Buy Kindle edition Amazon Kindle 

This book is a result of a human life full of drama and experiences that may seem certainly contradictory for those who are far away from God. In these pages you will find a human life intertwined in the most serious errors and dangers resulting from an existence that lacked spiritual awareness and was flooded with the mundane ambitions of a heart that always wanted to do good and was able do so only after great effort. You will also find the fruit of the author’s encounter with his Creator; in it, God’s mercy and forgiveness rescued a wasted life from the ashes of sin and transformed it into bread of evangelization for the whole world.


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